Press Release

Build your expertise & authority through a well crafted press release.

Press releases are still the number one tool used by public relations pros the world over to help brands craft and manage their story in print and online media. Benefits include: visibility, communication, information, reputation management and promotion, to name a few. Let The Media Maven help you share your story clearly and concisely, while also giving you more freedom to properly manage your message.

Launch Package

Available for businesses ready to launch a new product/service or campaign.

Whether you’re a new business ready to make a noticeable impact on your industry or an already established business that needs to launch a new product/ service or PR campaign, this package includes 20 hours of consulting/ communications support so you can start making a greater impact & income. Together, we’ll determine the best launch strategy for your business (be it an attention grabbing video series, social media campaign, press releases or articles etc) — so you can reach your key goals and objectives.

Corporate Communications

For clients who need consistent PR and communications support for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months.

The Media Maven offers support with all communications tasks (press releases, social media content, internal notices, newsletter copy, blog posts, website content and more… Our Communications Package is available for a minimum of 10 hours per month. Limited availability.

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